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5 tips when choosing your sofa





Be sure this is the colour!


Try out how comfortable the sofa is!


Take measurements of the maximum size!

The time has come when you have to buy a new sofa, and it’s always a difficult decision. Your sofa is a part of your home, where you will spend many hours and you will be looking at it every day.  So, you must think about some important tips when the time comes to choose your new sofa.
  1. Take measurements of the maximum size of sofa you will need. Also consider how that sofa will actually get into your house or flat, if it will fit to go up the stairs or if it will fit in the elevator.  And don’t forget to prepare your friends to be there to help you on that day.

  2. Don’t make the same mistake with the colour like last time. Be sure that it’s a colour that won’t go out of fashion and look really ugly in 6 months.

  3. Try out how comfortable the sofa is. It might look great but when you actually sit on it, it might feel very hard and uncomfortable. Check if the entire cushion is adjusted ok and if the arm height is suitable for you.

  4. Have a good look at the trim of the sofa.  If it doesn’t look perfect, then don’t give so much money towards it if you feel it may rip in a few months. Also check that the fabric is of decent quality thick enough to last a long time.

  5. Go for the one that combines all the above but also looks great to you.


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So now you have the best tips to help you on your sofa-hunt. If you consider all these things you will choose a great sofa that will compliment your house.

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