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6 things to know before you buy a refrigerator




When you need a cold refreshing beer or a glass of milk for the children, you look into your fridge. The refrigerator is one of the most important electrical equipment found in every house as it stores what you eat and what you drink. Since the basics of cooling technology have not changed a lot throughout the years, any refrigerator can keep food cold as long it is working properly. Nonetheless, there are a few things someone should have in mind before buying a refrigerator. We give you six!
  1. Large? How Large?
    Although nowadays people are able to buy and store more items in their fridge it does not mean that you should go out and buy the largest unit you can find in the market. Do not forget that the larger the refrigerator you are buying, the higher its energy consumption would be. However, you could buy the biggest unit that will fit your space comfortably. To make sure that the unit you are buying fits comfortably in your space, first measure your available space (width, height and depth) and take with you at the shop a tape measure. Measure the same things for the refrigerator you consider buying and also accommodate around 10cm extra width space for being able to open the door properly. Also have in mind that you need to have around 5-10cm space between the wall and the back of the fridge.

  2. Convenient Interior
    A good refrigerator should be ergonomic, matching the needs of its user. Make sure that its interior space can store conveniently wide or tall items and that it is easy to reach every one of those items. Think for a moment where you will store your milk, beers, a wine, bottles of water, the vegetabes, the fruit, cheese and other dairy products, and anything else you will be storing there.

  3. Temperature & Humidity Controls
    Look for a refrigerator with easy access and use of its temperature & humidity controls. Most of the new models have digital temperature controls usually displayed on the front side of the fridge. In the case the control panel is located inside the fridge you will be wasting time emptying shelves to adjust the temperature.

  4. Lighting
    Try to find a refrigerator which is well lit. Both fridge compartment and freezer are equipped with lights in most of the new models. See where the lights are inside the fridge and see whether these will be easily blocked or not when you start to stuff the fridge with your items.

  5. Ergonomic
    As you will be constantly using your refrigerator you should try to buy one that is easy to clean, and that provides flexibility in storing items with smart adjustable shelves and spaces.

  6. Quiet
    The secret of a quiet refrigerator lies in good insulation around it which reduces the noise caused by the compressor. If possible you may ask the sales person to turn it on. Listen carefully to the noise it makes. If too much, it will be a bit annoying each time its compressor starts working, especially if your room is near the place you keep it.


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With a good refrigerator you can have a better life and with a quiet refrigerator a better sleep. Happy cooling and do not forget the measure tape!

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