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› How the Cypruslikethis Client Benefits Network works

As part of our continuing effort to give our clients more value for their investment with Cypruslikethis, we have created the Cypruslikethis Client Benefits Network.


What is the Cypruslikethis Client Benefits Network?

The Cypruslikethis CBN is an exclusive, members-only network of companies that offer privileged benefits to their members. The benefits can include special discounts, special offers or other money saving or time saving benefits that the members of the Cypruslikethis CBN can use as and when they need.


Who can be a member of the Cypruslikethis CBN?

The owners of any company listed on Cypruslikethis automatically become members of the Cypruslikethis CBN.

Only company owners can be members of the Cypruslikethis CBN. The spouse of a Cypruslikethis CBN Member is also entitled to all the benefits of the Cypruslikethis CBN.


Are there any fees involved?

There are no registration or renewal fees involved in order to be a member of the Cypruslikethis CBN.

As long as you are a company owner and your company is listed on Cypruslikethis, you automatically join the Cypruslikethis CBN.


What can I do as a member of the Cypruslikethis CBN?

Being a member of the Cypruslikethis CBN entitles you to 2 things:

  • To use the special offers, discounts or other benefits that other Cypruslikethis CBN Members offer.
  • To create your own special offers, discounts or other benefits that will be announced to all Members of the Cypruslikethis CBN.


Why should I join the Cypruslikethis CBN?

Being a member of the Cypruslikethis CBN brings a number of benefits to your company and to you as a company owner:

Tap into an elite client base that grows on a daily basis.

  • If you chose to publish a CBN Benefit (special discount, etc) for the members of the network, you are actually targeting company owners.
  • To promote your action, we publish your CBN Benefit online and we periodically send an email to the members of the Cypruslikethis CBN, at no cost to you.

Save time and money

  • Use the CBN Benefits for your own benefit or the benefit of your company.
  • The savings you get by using the CBN Benefits can even cover the cost of your investment on Cypruslikethis.


How it works

STEP 1: List your company on Cypruslikethis

  • One of our Advertising Consultants can help you choose the package that is most suited for your business needs and budget.
  • Once your listing on Cypruslikethis is published, you are automatically becoming a member of the Cypruslikethis CBN and you can now publish your own CBN Benefit.


STEP 2: Publish your CBN Benefit

  • We will discuss with you to create a CBN Benefit that will be presented to all the Cypruslikethis CBN Members.
  • CBN Benefits have to follow these guidelines:
    • Must not be discounts, offers or other packages that are already published.
    • Must be directed to and be exclusive for business owners.
    • Must offer real value to the Cypruslikethis CBN Member.
  • Once your CBN Benefit is decided, we will do the following:
    • Publish your company name, your name, your spouse’s name (optional) and your CBN Benefit on a special page on Cypruslikethis that is accessible to all Cypruslikethis CBN Members.
    • Include your CBN Benefit on all future CBN Benefits Newsletters that are sent to all Cypruslikethis CBN Members once a month.


STEP 3: Enjoy the benefits of your Cypruslikethis CBN Membership

  • Enjoy the new sales from company owners, members of the CBN Network and will choose to use your products or services.
  • Enjoy the benefits by using the CBN Benefits of other CBN Members as and when you need them. For you, your company or your spouse.


Next Steps


  • Call us for a meeting on 25377336 (Mon-Fri 9-1 and 3-5).
  • We will discuss your requirements and show you what Cypruslikethis and a membership with the Cypruslikethis CBN can do for you and your business.


With respect to your business,


Simos Symeou
Managing Director
25 377 336 (Mon-Fri 9-1 and 3-5.30)


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