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› What you need to know

The information on this page is applicable to Business Owners or Marketing Managers who wish to advertise on Cypruslikethis.
The best and most direct way to get all the details is to call us on 25 377336 (9-1 and 3-5.30, Mon-Fri) to arrange for a meeting. A Cypruslikethis Advertising Consultant will visit your offices, give you a presentation and answer all of your questions.
Know this: our purpose is not to come to you, make a sale and go. Our purpose is to help you find more customers and make more sales! Ensuring your success, we are also ensuring ours! Behind Cypruslikethis are Business, Web, Marketing and Advertising Consultants that know how to make that happen. All our people are highly trained and their mission when visiting you is first to make you understand what this is and how it can help you, and after to agree on a sale with you.
Hundreds of thousands of euro have been invested into making Cypruslikethis and there are more than 10 people contributing to its success...and growing. This is a site that consumers always needed and one that businesses can exploit to their own benefit.
So, what do you need to know? First of all you need to know that more and more people (Cypriots, foreigners living in Cyprus and tourists visiting the island) are using the Web to find the information they need. The internet speeds in Cyprus are getting faster, more affordable and more widely accessible. Almost all cafes and bars offer free wireless access. Most of the homes are already connected to the Internet.
But, do you know what the problem is here in Cyprus? Around 70% of the companies with a physical presence on the island do not have a corporate website. No corporate website, no way for the consumer to find these companies on the web. Cypruslikethis comes to solve this problem by finding and enlisting all the companies on the island and then registering what they offer. We are in the process of cataloguing all of Cyprus!
Let us take a look at the consumers now! We are consumers. You also are a consumer. Every time we go out to spend money, it's because we need a product or service. The choice of company from which to buy that product comes after our need to buy it. And when we find out which company offers the product we need, we have to have a telephone number or directions to that company to go buy it. Not to mention that if we find the product in a promotion, the chances of choosing it are increased.

This is where Cypruslikethis comes into play. Our site offers consumers exactly that! They search for the product type or service they need, in the area they need it, and Cypruslikethis presents to them the companies that offer it. If the product is in a promotion by any of these companies, it will also show on the results. Just like this!
And now, this is where YOU come into play. Advertising on Cypruslikethis, you give consumers the chance to find you by what they need. Cypruslikethis is much more than Banner Advertising! You get your own, consumer-oriented, company dedicated page that you can update at your own convenience. YOU control your advertising! Everything you update, we review, translate to Greek or English as necessary and publish it on Cypruslikethis. You also get to publish your own promotions; the best way to showcase new products, provide buying incentives for new clients or simply to get rid of your old stock.
How do we do this? Once you choose one of the Advertising Packages on Cypruslikethis, 3 steps will take place:

A Cypruslikethis Content Officer will visit your offices and gather from you all the below information:
  • The product types and/or services that your company offers. These are the keywords by which consumers can find you.
  • Any brands that your company offers
  • Your telephone numbers, opening hours, contact persons
  • The addresses to all of your offices
  • Directions on how to come to your offices
  • A public announcement
  • Your promotions.

A Cypruslikethis Photographer will visit your offices to do the following:
  • Take location photos of your office/s
  • Roll a short location video for your office/s
  • Photograph various products or services that your company offers
The information (text, photos and video) are processed by the Cypruslikethis Dedicated Support Team:
  • Everything is translated to Greek and English
  • All photos are edited and your photo gallery is created
  • The video is edited for the web and personalized with your logo
  • Your entry on Cypruslikethis is created and published.

That’s it! You can then start receiving the benefits of your presence on Cypruslikethis, the biggest online resource for information on Cyprus and Cyprus businesses on the island.

REMEMBER: YOU control what is shown about your company on Cypruslikethis. You change something, we process it for you. This is Dynamic Advertising with a Dedicated Support Team behind it to assist you. The future of online advertising is now here!

How much does it cost for all these? Much less than you expect! We have designed our packages in such a way so that advertising on Cypruslikethis can be accessible to all businesses, small or large.

What’s next? Call us on 25 377336 (9-1 and 3–5.30, Mon-Fri) or email us at A Cypruslikethis Advertising Consultant will contact you to answer all your questions and, if you wish, to arrange for a meeting with you.


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