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Do you have a company but you are not sure whether you should be listed on Cypruslikethis? We are giving you here some simple, logical, straight-forward reasons on why your company should be listed with us:


  1. Cypruslikethis is a professional website. Hundreds of thousands have been invested for creating it and there are more than 10 people (and growing) continually working to improve it.


  1. Your Free Listing, is totally free. No strings attached.


  1. You get to have an extra link to your website (if you have one of course) that helps you with ranking on search engines.


  1. Cypruslikethis is a unique website. If offers exactly what the consumer needs, i.e. to find the companies that offer what the consumer wants simply by searching with the product/service he/she wants.


  1. Cypruslikethis is working towards listing all the companies in Cyprus. This makes it the consumer's natural choice when it comes to finding information on Cyprus businesses.


  1. By listing your company on Cypruslikethis, you become part of an effort to organize our country's information on products and businesses, helping all of us to save time and money.


Cypruslikethis is more than just another business. Behind it is the collective effort of all Cyprus-based businesses and all Cypriots and foreigners living on the island to create something that ourselves and our country can be proud of! Be a part of it!


If you have a company with a physical location in Cyprus, complete this form to get your free company listing. It only takes 3 mins.


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