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Are your friends taking advantage of you?




When can you know for sure if a friend is really a friend or that he/she is not just taking advantage of you? When somebody is real friend it is a rule that he/she should never use you.  How can you be sure though. The following questions you will help you see the truth.
  1. Are your outings decided by your wants and needs, by his or is it split equally? If you only go to place where your friend wants to go then you are most likely taken advantage of. Sit and have a talk with your friend.

  2. Do you sometimes fell humiliated by your friends’ humor? Maybe you are being used mentally and emotionally. Are all of the friends jokes about you and you get humiliated in front of other people. This is a sign of insecurity on behalf of your friend, who feels that by demoting you becomes a better more accomplished person.

  3. A third question you must ask your self, is does your friend make you feel insufficient because he/she corrects you all the time?


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  1. Finally, do you do everything for your friend, from the most inefficient to the most important things? Do you agree to anything he/she asks you for? Basically you comply and help and do all sorts of favours, but when the time comes that you need a favour, you get turned down all the time.  Essentially a psychological force is put by your friend to pressure you so that you become a “slave” obeying his/hers orders.

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