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5 tips to increasing your energy





Stop feeling sluggish and increase your energy with these 5 tips.

  1. Prioritize yourself daily

So much to do and so little time to do it. If you don't make an effort to put yourself on your daily to-do list you know you'll be overlooked...wait, you already have been overlooked haven't you? Well, it's time then to make that extra effort and carve out just a little bit of time each day where you do something just for you. Make up your mind!


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  1. Move your body every day

Since you know that physical activity is so important for health, energy, weight management and longevity, today find a way to get to it, even if you lack desire or don't believe you have the time. Exercise energizes, and once you make it a regular part of your day, even in small increments, excuses like lack of time, energy or motivation will no longer be an issue.If your busy schedule restricts you to less exercise than you're used to, don't wait for more time, start with less. Incorporate at least ten minutes of purposeful physical activity into every day.

  1. Stay hydrated!

Why is water so darn important? Did you know your body is made up of approximately 50 percent of the stuff? Your body needs fluids to help with the digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients as well as elimination of waste products. Fluids also act as a coolant for maintaining body temperature and lubricating joints, eyes and air passages.

  1. Seek happiness

Happiness has a direct link to a rich source of energy that no amount of exercise or healthy eating can match. It's true! Happiness is a big part of staying energized.Face up to things in your life that make you unhappy. It's not always easy and the fix may not be quick, but the results will be very worthwhile.

  1. Embrace your passion

If you’re not spending at least part of your week in the pursuit of your passions, you’re missing out on a limitless energy source. Begin by thinking back to the things you used to do that brought you joy. Next, think about the things you look forward to doing down the line when you have more time and energy. In this instant take a few small steps toward bringing past and future to the present.

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