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If you understand the rules of Forex Trading and seek success according to it, you increase the chances of success. The difficulty is to manage to control your personal feelings. It can be quite hard to avoid the influence of the ups and downs of the charts and can lead to the willing to buy or sell just like that. You must be very careful on that! When you see prices falling, it means that fear wins. | More

Despite the fact that Forex Trading can be a widely popular and profitable business, only a few manage to succeed. The use of capital on loan and the necessary margin for trading currencies, decrease the option for low-risk mistakes. | More


It is very important to understand how the currency price works and what a pip is. The price of one currency in terms of another is divided to: the “direct” quotation” and “indirect” quotation. | More

Leverage the investment size increase of by using credit from a broker, so it means that you are actually borrowing from your broker. These resources are your account’s margin. Margin determines the amount of leverage and is mostly applied as a percentage, whereas leverage as a ratio. | More


You are thinking or have decided to start Forex Trading but you believe there are a number of things which are confusing you. It is wise to be informed from a suitable source regarding all the important aspects, mostly about currency pairs and everything around this. | More

Investors who believe that trading is simple are the ones who mostly fail. Trading is very trick and success depends on education and practice. | More


Leverage is in fact funds on loan. Leverage is used for physical assets such as real estate, and for financial assets such as forex. Forex trading has grown, because of the increase of online trading platforms and the accessibility of cheap credit. The use of leverage magnifies gains and losses. | More

In-between the security price (bid) and offer price (ask) there is the bid-ask price which is actually the highest price (bid) for a buyer to pay and the lowest price for a seller, to accept. When these two, come to an agreement then the transaction is accomplished. | More

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