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How to check for hidden humidity problems in your house




Humidity can very often be the cause of house restoration. If you know how to recognize in advance any hidden humidity problems inside your property you will be able to avoid getting into the expensive trouble of fixing bigger problems. Read this article and learn how to check for hidden humidity problems in your house!
Look for discoloured spots. In areas inside a house such as beneath windows, around doors of under you sink it would not be something to worry that much as it is normal for those areas to lose their colour from the temperature or from the water. Discovering however discoloration in any other places would be something you should take the necessary actions.

Dampness you cannot explain. Hidden leaks can be identified from ceilings, floors, carpeting or drywalls which have a tendency to wetness. Such leaks, even the smallest ones could lead into huge problems if not treated properly.

Spotting mould & mildew. These indicate that there is humidity in the area. Any musty old smell is also something associated with hidden foundations of mould or mildew and you should ask a professional to find the source and restore the area.

Condensation can be dangerous.  Certain geographic locations can be subject to condensation. As a result after some time drywall, carpeting or several other items including appliances and metal objects can be damaged. This could be avoided or overcome with proper ventilation, the use and installation of moisture barriers and air circulation systems.


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Knowing how to look around for hidden humidity will keep you away from many troubles as it allows you take proactive actions and not just reacting when bigger problems happen.

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