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How to make your dog stop barking




If you own a dog you will certainly know that it is hard to control it when it comes to barking.  This can cause you many problems, so here are 6 ideas that will help you make your dog stop barking.
1. First of all there must be some reason for your dog to be barking.  Try to figure out what the reason could be.  Did he see a cat nearby? or maybe he needs to go outside to the garden.  Though have in mind that he could be barking just to have some fun.

2. When your dog is barking a lot don’t try to stop him/her by yelling to at them.  You will only make things worse since barking can be just like yelling, so all you will accomplish is to encourage them.

3. A most obvious reason could be because he/she is hungry or needs to drink some water, or it could even be elimination.  So you must check these basic needs first.

4. It is good to train the dog from the beginning.  If you’re able to teach him to bark on your command, you will be able to make him stop on your command.

5. Don’t yell at him to be quiet.  If you yell “shh” to him, he won’t feel close to you, but if you just say “shh” to him and give him a pat he will feel like part of the family and obey you.


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6. Dogs are very loving and need to feel love and affection from us humans.  When he obeys you praise him and give him a treat for being good so he’ll know that if is good he’ll get rewarded.

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