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Yes, you can train your cat





Cats can learn easier when they are younger


Training a cat is totally different from training a dog


Try getting them close to you

No one can resist to a cute little sweet cat. They are so smart and affectionate animals that easily live indoors or outdoors. But is it possible to train a cat? This could be a tricky question, if we consider that they are very intelligent creatures. The answer is yes, you can train a cat.
  • Whoever has owned a cat can tell you how independent they can be. Very different from dogs, which like to please their owners, cats prefer to care about their own comfort, so training a cat can be difficult and of course totally different from training a dog.


  • In order to train a cat successfully it is best to start as soon as you bring it home. Just like children, cats can learn a lot easier when they are younger. They are more receptive and able to take in much more when they are young in age.


  • Another tricky thing is to get your cat to listen to you. They hate being punished and they actually don’t respond to punishment at all. If you want to make them obey try getting them close to you. When they come near you, offer them some food. This will eventually make them understand that whenever you call their name they will get a treat. So they will learn to obey you. 


  • And don’t forget to show them affection every time, so they feel important. By doing this consistently they will get the idea and listen to you. So don’t confuse them by changing the process.


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When it comes to litter box training it is good to be very patient, because it could take longer than you think. If you want to succeed you have to be consistent in everything you try. 

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