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Kimgas Industrial & Medical Gases Ltd

Kimgas Industrial & Medical Gases Ltd



Public Announcement

KIMGAS Industrial Gases Ltd provides the local market with an alternative supplier.


Company Description

KIMGAS Industrial Gases Ltd is a privately owned company and was founded in order to provide the local market with an alternative supplier. In order to reach our goal we have an established agreement and cooperation with the well known European company SOL GROUP ,that specializes in this market area for many years. KIMGAS strategy is to be customer focused, establishing long-term supply agreements with a stable pricing structure. Gearing itself towards long-term growth with its current and expanding product range of Industrial Gases and other product accessories .


Our Offices

5E Agiasmaton Street, Dali Industrial Area, 2540, Dali


Some of the Products/Services we offer

Industrial Gases:
CAR 18 (82%Ar-18%CO2)
CAR 2 (98%Ar-2%CO2)
Carbon Dioxide
Synthetic Air
Food & Bevarages:
Carbon Dioxide
High Purity (99.999%):
Argon 5.0
Nitrogen 5.0
Oxygen 5.0
Air 5.0
Hydrogen 5.0
Helium 5.0
Liquid Helium


Kimgas Industrial & Medical Gases Ltd