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M. Neophytou & D. Mavromoustakos

M. Neophytou & D. Mavromoustakos

25733200 99661361 99620672


Public Announcement

The company works in the sector of development, where it has achieved a number of valuable projects.


Company Description

The company was founded in 1982 by Marios Neophytou and Dimitris Mavromoustakos. Since then, has been recognized in the construction industry and has built important projects which supported by the experienced and capable staff.
The company is returning in the Contractors Registration Control Experience in Class B', C' License. It is also, a member of Limassol Contractors Association and one of the directors, Marios Neofytou is member of the Board of Contractors Association.
A section of the company is working in the building and also, in engineering. The company is, moreover, working in the sector of development and developing, where it has also, to demonstrate a number of valuable projects.

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Our Offices

26C Ioanni Polemi, 3085, Limassol, 3085, Limassol


Some of the Products/Services we offer

Property Construction and Development
Commercial properties
Construction of residential properties
Resale properties
Villas and houses
Holiday villas
Office space


M. Neophytou & D. Mavromoustakos