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Symmetrical Personal Training


Public Announcement

Symmetrical is specialized in diet and weight loss, through personalized diet and exercise programs. It is made for people who want to exercise feeling like being at home.


Company Description

Symmetrical Personal Training is the first Personal Training Center in Limassol offering the highest quality and latest technology machines HYPOXI and ICOONE for targeted fat loss together with the POWER PLATE machine Symmetrical is specialized in diet and weight loss, through personalized diet and exercise programs. The programs offered are tailored for each of our customers depending on his/her individual needs. Before starting any training program our customers are offered a body composition analysis showing his/ hers own BMI (Body Mass Index), Percentage of fat, muscle weight and fat percentage, helping for the choice of the diet and weight loss program appropriate to his/her body type.

It is made for people who want to exercise feeling like being at home. At Symmetrical you have your own room for exercising, your personal changing room, and your personalized advices from your own personal trainer. All of our specialized HYPOXI, Power Plate and Icoone trainers will design your own program depending on your goals and needs together with diet advices.

Our aim is to help you designing your body as you have always dreamt it and giving you complete personal satisfaction. At Symmetrical Personal Training we care about each of our member and we made exercising being the easiest thing ever, guaranteeing you long term results. At Symmetrical you can loose weight healthily and safely and keep it off enjoying your new body and your new healthy lifestyle.

Results on the body

At SYMMETRICAL PERSONAL TRAINING CENTER we give you solutions to your problems of targeted weight loss and cellulite with the state of the art therapies for toning up and fighting against the skin. Our programs are based on balanced diet and exercise on special machines adapted to your own weight loss requirements. The results? It is not only weight that you will loose but most importantly fat and centimeters only from the part of the bodies you are interested in loosing ( Stomach , Hips, legs, Thighs, buttom) without surgery and in a completely natural way. We also offer aesthetic, therapeutic and relaxing massages.

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1. Work out with the Trainer L250-12 plus 2 free visits Dermology!
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2. Work out with the Power Plate, 12+2 free visits Vacunaut or Trainer L250!
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3. Symmetrical Personal Training offers to you and your employees 20% discount on any of our services!
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Our Offices

3 Orfeos street, 2nd floor, Apt. 201, 3022, Limassol


Some of the Products/Services we offer

Anti cellulite therapies
Diet programs
Personal training
Exercise programs
Weight loss training
HYPOXI machine
Power Plate machine
Icoone machine


Symmetrical Personal Training