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To Anoi

To Anoi


Public Announcement

You can enjoy our fine meze, something that we are considered popular about, in a friendly, warm environment.


Company Description

The restaurant is located in one of the coolest sites of Platres. It has a capacity of 250 people, thus we undertake parties, receptions, christenings etc.
You can enjoy our famous exquisite dishes,in a friendly and warm environment, or if you want to enjoy our Cypriot dishes such as "koupepia", "afelia","stifado","kleftiko" and "souvla" (barbeque). You'll find all kinds of grilled and filleted, fresh trout, pasta and snacks. Our goal is to bring to your table a superior meal prepared by the chefs and owners Anthony and Mary.
You may want to accompany your dish with a good wine by choosing from a large variety of excellent red, white and rose local wines.
As for dessert ... After finishing your meal, we offer traditional homemade sweets, pastries and seasonal fruits completely free.
We also have a comfortable parking for your convenience.

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Our Offices

Olympou 37, Panw Platres, 4820, Pano Platres


Some of the Products/Services we offer

Cyprus Food
Local Wine
Homemade Sweets
Parties, Receptions, Christening Events